Wrightsville Beach Family Portraits

by Chris on January 21, 2011

family beach portraits Wrightsville BeachIts now the month of January and a few cold days have set in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina. Believe it or not if you are thinking about your vacation to the coast now is the time to connect with your photographer for Wrightsville beach family portraits for the summer months.

My phone has been ringing and the email has been chiming with clients seeking a professional photographer to document their family vacation while visiting the Wrightsville beach area. My approach is very simple, you gather your family members that would like to be in the portrait, and we head down to the shore, and at first just let things naturally flow.

Once we gather near the shore i ask the family members to gather together for the first family beach portrait.  There are several locations that seem to be optimal on the beach, one of them is The Oceanic, or Crystal Pier as some may call it from the olden days. Of course this is the initial beginning of the process finding a location. Building a rapport, and establishing a flow of spirit, connection, and acceptance of being in front of the photographer and his camera is the next step after we discover a location to start the portrait session.

I will keep this post specifically for the Wrightsville Beach Family portraits sessions and information.

There are a few common locations that beach portraits are at their best. The first to come to mind is the south end of Wrightsville beach near the coast guard station, this location has in my opinion the best view for sunset and portraits and the way the light crosses over the water and the angle truly provides stunning family images with the right ingredients of available light and fill flash.  This of course is where a skilled professional photographer comes in and has a style that separates him from the run of the mill photos that are often created.

Another place on Wrightsville beach is of course near the infamous Johnny Mercers Pier, or better yet the Oceanic Pier, I personally prefer the Oceanic for capturing family beach portraits, but either will do with the right lighting and the right know how of the photographer.

Wrightsville beach has long become a vacationers dream for its white sands, amazing sunsets, and community of friendly locals that make this a excellent place also to have a wedding on the beach,or host a event of a family reunion. Look forward to seeing you there and wishing you a enjoyable family vacation

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