Topsail Island NC Family Beach Portrait Session

by Chris on May 21, 2012

Topsail Island Family Beach Portriats | Topsail Beach Family Portraits

This 2012 family vacation season is arriving! That means many the Topsail Family Beach Portrait session is in full swing. We photographers get excited as it allows us to get back out on the beach and to visit old faithful beach access points, while also being able to discover new locations to create  Topsail Island beach portraits that will stand above the competition. I know that I have always enjoyed during the winter months to hone my craft and think of new techniques and or color styles to truly allow my family beach portraits to stand out.  This year I will be working more on background contrast and how it affects the feel of the photos being taken. So many photographers I feel just set a family up on the dunes put the camera on manual mode and have a flash head pointed right at them and poof there is a photo taken. Although this is a was of going about business and not to much creativity you will have a photograph to take home.

Our Approach is a little different, We like  to think our personality and experience not just in photography but in travels, personal growth and life’s experiences create who we are and allow us to connect on a  more personal level with our clients.  Maybe not how you think, but just more confident that we are doing more than merely just taking pictures, but hope we can guide, and create a atmosphere to truly capture the essence of each family and member to truly reflect a family portraits like no other.

We also hope for great weather, again not just a super bright sunny day on Topsail Island but a surreal day!  Amazing clouds, Sun busting casting soft light upon each portrait being taken. This would be the idea beach portrait session, however those days are lucky, but properly thought of and time of day when this Topsail Island beach portraits session is scheduled can all have a affect on the final outcome.  We hope you will choose Chris Van Atta Lifestyle photography for your next family portrait session. Come see what our clients have come to love.  Hope to connect soon.  Chris

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