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Valuable Information for my clients.

This is where I hope to still offer my professional service to you! I trust  my photography services were chosen not just based on pricing but also for a sought after creative style that many have come to love. I love what I do and always look to strive for excellence but not to where its static and boring, but to flow and connect with my clients and give them a wow experience and to give them a fresh look and perspective and photo composition with my photography. At times I can see a family member scratching their head and wondering hmmm, what is this photographer up to and seeing? However when its all said and done, they are surprized and totally excited and about what was captured and how it was captured that they cannot  wait for the DVD and get their prints done!
However, one place that needs to be consistent and, ” ON POINT”   Is the final product!. And that is the print. Here there is only one way, to have to sharpest, brilliant , eye popping colors and papers to complete the final print. And that’s the lab. I have only one to suggest if you are not sure which way to go, or know the difference in labs and why some have great value and crazy low prices! BEWARE!


With all packages a DVD is included with all the images from our photo shoot together.
These Images on the DVD are edited and ready for print, with a printer of your choice!
I would like to conclude about printing and the so many ways and locations you can go about creating your prints from the DVD that is given to you.


There are many companies and locations to choose from and “ QUALITY” levels with the final product..
Of course we all would like to find the cheapest pricing and are satisfied with the photo being printed and we have something to view in our hands and on our walls.
DID you know there are truly a top 5 printing companies in the nation voted in by professional photographers and consumer alike ,as far as QUALITY, service time, customer service and print turn around time.
I have truly done my homework when it comes to offering the best professional quality of printing, for my clients. Your online gallery is linked to one of the top 5 in the nation. For streamline ordering.


  • Best Brilliant Colors
  • Best Contrast
  • Best Color Correction
  • Best technical attention to detail with each photo, over a batch processing where many large corporate companies just click a button and the computer spits out a average print . You have gone this far, paid for my professional services, not only for my creatuve eye and style, But also without you knowing, I have chosen to use the highest professional camera;s and lenses on the market today, to give you a high end finised product that surpasses average.To truly bring these details and full spectrum of colors and contrast, It is highly recommended to use a Professional Lab that strives to be the industry leader,I have supplied this lab for you integrated into the web gallery that I have sent you a link to,  here you can order prints in confidence that you will be recieving the industries highest standards,  I believe you will love the final product and encourage you to order from this online gallery, you can share the link with all family members and friends,  you will be surprised ant the lighting fast turn around speed, I have seen at times in less than 5 days at your door,YES it will cost a tad bit more, in some cases on 20cents, but with this service color correction and professional attention to detail is given to each and every print you order.  Its well worth it,  I have kept everything at the lowest cost to you, since you have already paid  for my service.You totally have the final choice, I just truly desire all my clients and choose to inform them of top professional lab for their ultimate experience.
  • Just click on to your online gallery, the link i have sent you, by each image to the right is a buy tab, click the tab and optimal print options are available..

PS.  Your Images are WATERMARKED and will be removed when you order your prints.  You can also add any images to your facebook account if you have one by just a click, NEW FEATURE!!!

Thank You


Chris Van Atta