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Seeking a professional Holden Beach NC wedding photographer can be a tough choice. Or maybe not! My advice on choosing a Holden Beach photographer would of course have a sense of connection with your photographer. Meaning, see if he gets your style your sense of the flow of the wedding, if he understands your needs and visions as a client?
Of course then there is style. Does his style resonate with your personality? Meaning if you are a outgoing offbeat kinda couple with a lifestyle of great dining, travels, and good friends, and somewhat have a interest in art and find yourself attracted to the color green or blue. Or maybe even enjoy coffee shops, bookstores, and health food stores, then you may truly desire a photographer for your wedding who also feels the same, and love to connect with people, and who’s style is original. A photographer who enjoys their craft, and does not like to pose people on contrived ways, but is gifted In just bringing people together in a organic way. You can tell by these signature photographers, that they create photographs because they have to, because its what they were called to do. They are artist. And creating images connecting with people, and sharing their talent is a calling on their lives.
Selecting a Holden beach photographer for your wedding day does not have to be so hard. Just know, your getting married, feel your day, envision it. And your photographer choice will be clear. Its not always about the pricing, Yes that does matter to an extent, but saving a few bucks could not really but what you imagined on your wedding date. Or because there were more bells and whistles added to the package to decorate entice and persuade. I believe true photographers are fair with their pricing, they desire to work with those clients that have come across their path. And know that all these signature brand photographers want to do is create special unique experience for your Holden beach event, and long to serve you.

Chris Van Atta photography and associates are a co-op group of photographers that travel to Holden Beach NC to meet with brides and grooms, along with families to create amazing beach portraits and to deliver a product and creativity specialized for beach clients. We understand natural light, composition, and are a technical and tactical group of professionals that truly enjoy our craft. Look forward to serving you and connecting with you about your special event.

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