Family Beach Portraits

Welcome to Chris Van Atta photography, Specializing in family beach portraits along the cape fear coast.  Coming from a surf culture background in photography and creating a style and honing his skills with available light, that has landed him many covers, centerfolds, two page spreads and tear sheets inside many of the east coast surf magazines.

This experience had allowed him the technical skills to capture photos images with a very natural, and at times surreal quality to his beach portraits. Working with clothing labels such as Love surf Love, Roxy, Matix, KGB Swimwear, Tarra Grinna, Blue Glue, Yellow Man Clothing, Emu, to name a few. Although the surfing days and surf, beach, model photography has since been shadowed with destination wedding photography and family beach portraits in the nearby vacation towns. Chris Van Atta still stays true to his skill set and style and will deliver you amazing photos that truly stand out from the status quo.

Another amazing quality about having your photography done by Chris Van Atta, its his contagious smile, his energy, and outgoing spirit. You can see his brain turning with fresh ideas for your family, and his clients as her somehow connects with you in way that make you and your family personalities shine forth. There is alot more to with this photographer than just being able to take photos. You somehow feel like you made a friend in the process.

Come Experience Family Beach Portraits by Chris Van Atta and see why his slogan is ” Capturing the Spirit of Life.”

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Topsail Beach Portraits