Wrightsville Beach Weddings


Best Locations To Hold Wrightsville Beach Weddings – Photography by Chris Van Atta, Wedding Photographer

Marriage is a very momentous and solemn ceremony. People would like to believe that they are only getting married once and for that reason, they want it to be a spectacular and memorable occasion. It is for this very reason that some people go to North Carolina to have Wrightsville Beach photographer for weddings.

Wrightsville Beach weddings are the most sought after due to the numerous romantic locations available. Some of these are the Oceanic restaurant and the Beach Marina and Yacht Club. Let us take a look at the benefits of having your wedding at these destinations.

Oceanic Restaurant

The restaurant is situated beautifully on a good spot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The restaurant serves exquisite seafood and offers a lot of amenities. Best of all, the restaurant is also attached to the Crystal Pier.

The pier is where people go to host events such as private gatherings and weddings. A wedding on the pier is certainly uncommon and it will likely stand out if you compare with your peers. The pier is the best location to hold this event as it is has enough space to fit a lot of people. Plus, having the sea as your backdrop is not something easily done.

After the wedding, the reception is usually held inside the restaurant. One good place to hold the festivities is the third floor of the restaurant. It offers the best view of the surroundings and can cater to a lot of guests.

The third floor is able to accommodate up to 70 guests. If you have a small-scale wedding, you can always opt to rent out only half of the space. The room is divided into two sections. One section has a pristine view of the ocean front while the other shows the majesty of Wrightsville beach.

Beach Marina and Yacht Club

The marina is another great place to host a wedding. The numerous amenities available will make you want to stay even longer. Some couples even felt compelled to spend their honeymoon there because of the wonderful service.

If you prefer to be wed on a yacht, this is the number one place to dock. The marina offers all the basic amenities you would want such as water, electricity, cable television, internet connection, and telephone connection. You can even restock fuel and have repairs done there.

The slips at the marina and yacht club are perfect for hosting the wedding or reception. There are areas that will allow your guests to enjoy themselves. These include the club house, conference room and pool.

Staying for a long time in the slip will not make you homesick the least bit. The facilities such as air-conditioned bathrooms, showers and private laundry allow you to be relaxed and enjoy your stay. Best of all, you get to enjoy all of this will taking in the wonderful view of the waterway.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people who want Wrightsville Beach weddings. The atmosphere in the area is extremely breathtaking and worth the journey. The facilities and staff over there are sure to make your stay a pleasant and joyous one.


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