Topsail Island Beach Weddings

Tospail Island Beach Wedding Portrait

Topsail Island Beach Weddings Are Elegant And Romantic

Couples planning Topsail Island Beach weddings get all the ambiance and beauty of an outdoor wedding in a scenic setting without the hassle of dealing with big crowds and traffic. The island is just north of Wilmington and just south of the Outer Banks. It is 26 miles long and has a pair of bridges connecting it to the mainland. The island features unspoiled beaches and thick forests but its isolated location does not attract the same large crowds as the more crowded beaches on the east coast.

There are three main regions. Surf City is the main town located right in the middle and accessed by a swing bridge from the mainland. The southern region is a small community with beach cottages and small motels located along the shoreline. The northern region has access to the mainland by a high-rise bridge and is a little busier with its luxury hotels and condominiums.

Couples can work with local vendors for everything needed to make the day special. They can find everything from talented wedding planners to experienced photographers and catering companies to create a memorable experience for all.

Choosing a venue will depend on the number of guests expected to attend. There are a couple of resorts in North Topsail big enough to accommodate large parties and have lavish facilities right on the beach. The resorts can offer full service planning and catering for the ceremony and reception. If the ceremony takes place elsewhere on the island, the reception can take place at one of the many fine restaurants with an ocean view. Guests can also arrange for accommodations for easy access.

For something a little less lavish, couples can book a reception at the Assembly Building. The U. S. Navy built this structure during the 1940s to use as a missile assembly facility. It is one block from the shoreline toward the south end of the island. The facility itself is not very extravagant but it is furnished with chairs and tables and is ideal for receptions. The patios and decks offer spectacular views of the water.

Many couples will take advantage of the numerous vacation rental properties to plan the big day. Some people will rent adjoining cottages to accommodate guests and hold a ceremony right on the beach. Planners can decorate the patio or deck and have an outdoor reception.

Each community has its own rules about beach use, so it is important to check the local regulations. Some beaches do no permit tents, so couples are urged to have a back-up plan in place in case of bad weather. In places where rules do not allow chairs to be set up, planners must be prepared to move seats in right before the ceremony and remove them promptly afterward. Planners must also remember to have a portable sound system so guests will be able to hear the ceremony over the background noise of surf, birds and wind.

Topsail Island Beach weddings are the ideal blend of casual and romantic. Couples will find everything they need to create a lifetime of memories on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.