Bald Head Island Wedding

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Bald Head Island Wedding Photography Photo of bride and groom at Old Baldy lighthouse, having their portrait made on the wedding day.

Bald Head Island Wedding

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Bald Head Island Photography

Planning A Bald Head Island NC Wedding? Needing a photographer for your wedding day photos?

Planning a Bald Head Island NC wedding would be an amazing start to a wonderful life together. This Island actually formed on a sand bar in the Frying Pan Shoals and was stabilized by the growth of vegetation. It played a significant part in the American Revolution and during the Civil War. There were significant forts built here one by the British and the other by Americans. Its heritage is long standing as well as the history of Lighthouses that have been built there.

Old Baldy Lighthouse is the oldest standing lighthouse in N. C. The lighthouse was completed in 1817 by Daniel Way and cost $15,915.45. Old Baldy was completely shut down in 1959 when the new lighthouse was built on Oak Island. Old Baldy was not tall enough to send out the light far enough to warn of impending sand bars. Old Baldy still stands surviving the unusual wear and tear as well as the normal.

The Shoals Club is known for being a family oriented club. This club is named after the twenty miles of Frying Pan Shoals that stretch out through the ocean in the local area. The club is perfect for gatherings such as weddings as well as lodging for all invited guest. They have causal dining as well as fine dining, swimming, direct beach access not to mention the host of activities for children and adults.

Chris Van Atta is a local wedding photographer who takes pride in creating memorable photos of the event. His type of photography is his own Signature Style which he receives great pleasure from doing. His style of photography can not be duplicated his photos are full of style and love that does not need a professional eye to see.

Planning a wedding on the in this remarkable area is a sure way to have a memorable day. Between the beautiful beaches, the mossy oak trees and the quaint chapel there are numerous options to choose from for the setting of the special day. This is the only Island on the east coast where there are beaches to see the sunrise and beaches to see the sunset. The type and timing of the ceremony is completely up to the couples taste and desire.

The location has an experienced event planning and catering business that can with out a doubt take care of everything. This is a plus when an experienced planner is desired. With in the few miles that the Island makes up the wedding of any ones desires can be created.

There are several pastor affiliates in the surrounding towns. No matter what denomination the happy couple should be able to find an affiliate with in just a few miles. Access to a service clergy is just another guarantee of the day going on with out a single hitch.

When planning a Bald Head Island NC wedding once the couple arrives everything is with in just a fingers reach. There are highly sought after locations, planners, photographers, caterers and lodging something for everyone. The history of this location also makes the memories even more intense for the loving couple.

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